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Sandburg Middle School: Books

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 Try a spooky podcast as Halloween creeps up!!

    R.L.Stine’s Story Club by GoKidGo

This podcast exists because, according to Stine, you need a good scare every day! In each episode, the narrator, Modern Family’s Ariel Winter, unlocks the hidden vault of Goosebumps tales. These are short, stand-alone episodes.

   Unspookable by Soundsington Media
Do your whisper gleefully about Ouija Boards, Bloody Mary, or the Chupacabra? You can learn more about these myths, legends, and paranormal activities with a delightful fear factor.

   Of Fae and Fiends by Fred Greenhalgh
Ten-year-old Lizzie discovers a doorway in the Maine woods and finds that it leads to the magical realm of Faerie. But all is not well there: Lizzie discovers her great uncle is out to conquer not only the Fae universe, but also her world. She must stop her great uncle and sets out to do so with the help of a talking goat and a sword-fighting weasel. If you like fantasy and magical world stories this is for you!

   The Hollow by Gen-Z Media
This engaging audio drama celebrates the 200th anniversary of Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” The setup: Three sixth-graders at Sleepy Hollow Middle School worry that the school is haunted by the Headless Horseman. Looking for more engaging narratives? Try Peabody award-winning podcast The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel next.

   Mackaroy Uncovered by ABC Radio
In a remote Australian town, Mitch and Tang, two 14-year-olds who host a show investigating conspiracy theories, want to know why the whole town’s internet goes down each night. The investigation is a bit dull—until they get a mysterious call telling them to “follow the data,” leading them to an abandoned mansion that’s draining the town’s power. An 8-part series.

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(This means we do not have a copy of this book in our library & we need one!)

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How To Ask Mrs. Braun To Purchase A New Book For the LMC
Look for the form on the LMC website & fill it out!
Watch this video to remind yourself how to do this. 


 How To Find eBooks & eAudiobooks in MackinVia.
Watch this video to remind yourself how to login to MackinVia with your computer login.  You can also search the LMC catalog to figure out what titles we have in print, eBook format or eAudiobook format.


If you search for a title in Destiny (the library catalog), look for the words FICTION, MACKINVIA EBOOK & MACKINVIA AUDIOBOOK to tell if it's a print book or an eBook or eAudiobook.


First view: 

If you click on the book cover, it flips the image over and you see what below:


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