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Northport Library Media Center: Home

Welcome to our NEW web pages! Click on the tabs to explore a variety of resources to support reading and information and technology literacy.

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Distance Learning Links

NPE Staff Summer Book Read Alouds

Every student received a FREE book from our partnership with KPMG and our Northport Family Engagement Committee.  Along with the book, they are brought home a bag of microwave popcorn.  We hope these two things provide you and your child an opportunity to sit down together and enjoy reading or listening to your new book.

Northport staff members have recorded themselves reading the books and you can view the videos by clicking on the name of the book:



Staff Reader


You Can Do It, Pout Pout Fish

Ms. Jermstad

(Dual Language)

Tiburón grande, tiburón pequeño (Spanish)

Sra. Lecy


A Pig, A Fox

Ms. Sherrod

(Dual Language)

No a Norman (Spanish)

Sra. Staudt


Twinky the Dinky Dog

Mr. Rowe


Narwhal’s Otter Friend

Mrs. Walker


Guinea Pig: Hamster and Cheese

Ms. Riebe


Klawed: Evil Alien Cat

Mrs. Groth



Mr. Hankey

Elementary Digital Read Aloud Book Club

Robbinsdale Elementary Read Aloud Book Club

Anytime, anywhere, anyone! Listen to the chapters of these books read aloud by Robbinsdale Elementary Media Specialists. Don't forget to record a Flipgrid video answer for the chapter you read and share your thoughts!

Front Desk Restart Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, school, and other scary things The Serpent's Secret 

Wings of Fire Book 1 The Last Kids on Earth Towers Falling Because of Winn Dixie

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