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Armstrong Library and Learning Commons: World History 10% Project

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World History I

10% Time


What is it?

10% Time gives you the opportunity to explore a topic in World History from prehistory to 1715. The idea was inspired by companies like 3M and Google which allow their employees some independent time to pursue projects of interest to them.


What do I have to do?

Every other Wednesday you will have the class period to research and explore your chosen topic. You will submit a record of what you accomplished each time and you will receive points for this work. You will create a final product (due on the day of your final exam) that will be shared with your classmates and teacher.


How will it be graded?

10% Time is an individual effort. It will be worth 100 points, or 10% of your semester grade. Approximately 15% of that total comes from the checkpoints you submit to your teacher. The remaining 85% comes from the final product you create.


What topics can I explore?

While your teacher must approve your topic, you have a lot of freedom in what you choose to do. While you may start with a broad idea, you are encouraged to narrow it down to a specific topic. (Rome is a good place to start, but it’s too big. Gladiators are a more manageable topic.)


What can I create?

Again, your product must be approved by your teacher, but you are encouraged to be creative.  Consider the following options, but do not be limited by these. Discuss other ideas with your teacher.  Options include Prezi, brochure, movie, Powtoon, Google Slides, PowerPoint presentation, Board Builder (United Streaming), website, poster. Multimedia products are highly encouraged.


Creating Multimedia Presentations

Submit your sample!

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