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PerL 1:1 (Personalized Learning): Home

Online payment for Chromebook insurance fee

Online payment for Chromebook insurance fee is available now.

1. Request an account for our parent portals, if you don't have one. 2. Use Infinite Campus to make a payment (Instructions). 3. Read, print and sign the Parent Use Agreement and send the form to school with your student. (Signing Parent Use Agreement online is not available at this time.)

Project Overview

Personalized Learning with 1:1 Internet Devices

The mission of Robbinsdale Area Schools is to "inspire and educate all learners to discover their potential and positively contribute to their community." Technology is an important tool to effectively and efficiently fulfill that mission and personalize teaching and learning. 
Robbinsdale Area Schools launched an initiative to provide a portable digital device for every student in grades 5-12. In the fall of 2013, all fifth grade students began using Chromebooks. Chromebooks were distributed to middle school students in August 2014. Chromebooks were distributed to all high school students in the fall of 2015. FAIR and Highview will fully participate in 2016. 

Project goals focus on instructional strategies that significantly improve learning across all subjects. These include goal setting, targeted feedback, culturally relevant teaching, and the Four Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.)

Chromebook distribution

In elementary schools, Chromebooks are distributed in classrooms. Each teacher determines when the Chromebook is sent home based on classroom assignments.

In middle and high schools, Chromebooks are distributed to students near the beginning of the school year. Click on Fall 2017 Distribution above to learn more about distribution events. Middle and high school students are expected to bring the Chromebook to school, fully charged, every day.

Students who enter after school has started, will be provided with a Chromebook after enrolling, signing the Chromebook use agreement (English | Spanish), and paying the insurance fee. Information is available in the school office. 

Parent Use Agreement: Chromebook (PDF version)


In an effort to protect families from unknown expenses that may occur from theft or accidental damage while the Chromebook is in the care of your student, the district is insuring the Chromebook. The fee is $37 per year per student. If the student qualifies for educational benefits, the fee is reduced to $22. The fee may be paid online or at your school office. 

  • The charger and case are not covered by the insurance. 
  • If your Chromebook is stolen, provide evidence that a police report was filed.  
  • Damage caused by misuse is not covered by district insurance. 
  • The insurance fee covers the first incident of accidental damage. Deductibles apply to subsequent claims.

Paying online requires a Parent Portal account. This account also allows access to Infinite Campus (attendance and grades) and Schoology (course descriptions and assignments)

Click here for access instructions for paying fees in Infinite Campus.

Internet at Home

The Chromebook is an Internet device. Although some tasks can be completed offline, Internet access is important for full functionality.

  • Learn more about affordable options for Internet at PCs for People (651-354-2552). This non-profit organization provides low-cost internet to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch at school.
  • Free wi-fi is available at Hennepin County Libraries. Locations and hours can be found at the library web site.
  • USI wireless provided free wifi at many locations for residents of Minneapolis.

Options for Internet Access

Find affordable options for Internet access at PCs for People (651-354-2552). 

This non-profit organization provides low-cost internet to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch at school.

Hennepin County Library provides free wi-fi at all locations.

USI wireless provided free wifi at many locations for residents of Minneapolis.

Project Planning

“Student achievement is the goal, instructional pedagogy is the focus, and technology is the accelerator.
(A Meta-Synthesis of Research on 1:1 Technology Initiatives in K-12 Education Institute for School Improvement Missouri State University April 30, 2012)

Project Planning Information

Our project planning is guided by the framework that includes self-assessment, feedback, culturally relevant teaching and the Four Cs.

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