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Welcome to our NEW web pages! Click on the tabs to explore a variety of resources to support reading and information and technology literacy.

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Hour of Code

Welcome to our Hour of Code!

Click on the link next to the picture to enter the game:

This video shows how to use the blocks in the Hour of Code games:

Here are the options for our Hour of Code

Level 1 games:

Kodable; Level A

Candy Quest

 Beach Cleanup with Kodable

Level 2 games:

  Minecraft Hour of Code       

    Angry Birds

 Mystery Island Coding Quest

Level 3 games:

 Star Wars Hour of Code

    Big Hero 6    

  LightBot (press the green button on the page to start)

 Spin Draw Animation Kit

Level 4 games:

   Code with Anna and Elsa

""Compute It

The Big Duck Race

 Dance Party 2019

Level 5 games:

Myra's Dream

Shield Design Showdown

 Code a Cartoon with Scratch

 Pets Game

Level 6 games:

Level 6 games mean you will have to actually type the words for the code!

Code Monkey

Game Maker

 Kano Pixel Hack

 Build Crazy Apps with Bitsbox




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