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PerL 1:1 (Personalized Learning): Robbinsdale Middle School

RMS Summary

Students will pick up Chromebooks during their classes after school starts.

Step 2

Pay Insurance

Step 3

See school distribution dates

Pick up

  • Chromebook distribution is scheduled at each school.
  • Bring a signed Discipline & Chromebook Guidelines card (see #1 above) 
  • Bring insurance payment or receipt for online payment

Robbinsdale Middle School Distribution Schedule

Pick up your Chromebook 2019-20

Students will pick up Chromebooks during their classes in September.

The acknowledgment card for the Parent Use Agreement must be signed before the Chromebook can be issued.

Signing the acknowledgment card means that you have discussed responsible use and appropriate care of the device with your student, reinforcing the use of the device for educational purposes.

The District offers accidental damage insurance for grades 5-12.

  • Please pay insurance online if possible. Online payment can be made anytime after August 5, 2019. Print and bring a copy of the payment receipt with you.
  •  Insurance may be paid with a credit card, cash or check at the office


 Date   Activity
After School Starts Chromebook distribution in classes



About the insurance

In an effort to protect families from unknown expenses that may occur from theft or accidental damage while the Chromebook is in the care of your child, the district is offering insurance for grades 5-12. The charge for insurance is $25 per school year per student. If you have questions about the insurance, please contact a school administrator. 

  • The insurance covers first accidental damage. Deductibles apply to subsequent claims. 
  • The charger and case are not covered by the insurance. 
  • If your Chromebook is stolen, provide evidence that a police report was filed.  
  • Damage caused by misuse is not covered by district insurance. 

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook Care (small version)

Options for Internet Access

Find affordable options for Internet access at PCs for People (651-354-2552). 

This non-profit organization provides low-cost internet to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch at school.

Hennepin County Library provides free wi-fi at all locations.

USI wireless provided free wifi at many locations for residents of Minneapolis.

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